So, you finally found out your baby’s gender, and now you’re looking for the perfect outfit to introduce him/her to the world in? And with so many cute outfits out there, it’s a hard decision to make. Trust me, I know the feeling!

That’s why I’ve tried to make your choice a little easier by narrowing it down to the top 15 cutest and most popular first outfits online.

Why this is important

Picking out the perfect first outfit for your little one may seem minor for some, but for a lot of momma’s it is absolutely crucial!

It’s important to put thought into choosing the best first outfit because:

  • The memories of that day (one of the most special days of your life) are captured on camera. In fact, there are tons of photos taken that special day, so making sure your little one is dressed to impress is a must. (Hospital pictures, personal, and professional pictures [if you choose to have them done] are all taken the first day.)
  • When you and your child look back on those memories, you will be satisfied that you chose the best outfit for him/her — no regrets!!

What type of clothes should I choose?

The day your baby is born is the most critical. Skin is smooth and the body is trying to adjust to being outside the wound. For this reason, it’s important to go for cute and comfortable.

When looking for the right first outfit think:

Comfort: Because your baby’s skin is so sensitive, you should choose something like cotton, fleece, microfiber, or anything soft and hypoallergenic. Avoid hard/non-stretchy material because it can be uncomfortable and irritating on your little one’s delicate skin.

Style: The day your baby is born, you don’t want to just dress him/her in any basic outfit. You want to make sure he/she looks great for all the pictures you [and your family and friends] are sure to take that day. Whether it’s dressy, colorful, creative, etc. just make sure it’s unique and eye-catching.

Back-up: You never know the size of your newborn until he/she is weighed and in your arms. For that reason, it’s smart to include a back-up outfit. Make sure they are two different sizes. For example, bring along one Preemie and one Newborn. Depending on the expected weight, you may want to consider including size 0-3 months.

Where to buy baby’s first outfit

You have many options when it comes to where to purchase your baby’s first outfit. You could probably go to any department store and find something that would work.

It’s better to shop online – and for so many reasons.

When you shop online you get

  • Convenience.
  • More options.
  • Better prices.
  • To see reviews.
  • To skip the crowds.

The best online stores to shop for newborn first outfits are and

If you’re looking for unique and customizable, Etsy is the place to go. With Amazon, you can shop for virtually anything!

Regardless of which site you choose to buy from, you get to see real reviews from customers which is a huge perk because it saves you from potentially being dissatisfied as well as the hassle of having to return items.

Sidenote: Always buy from a trust-worthy website! If you aren’t sure if the site you’re using is legit, do some research before making a purchase — it’s usually simple to figure out if you’re dealing with a reputable company or a scam by simply googling the website.

Top 5 Cutest First Outfits for girls

If you’re having a girl, congrats!! No matter if you are shooting for girly, tom-boy, or neutral; something elaborate and eye-catching works best for newborn photos.

Here are the top 5 cutest first outfits for baby girls on the internet (click to view):

1) Customizable girl newborn outfit

This outfit is perfect for your daughter’s first outfit! Her name is elegantly embroidered on the front and it meets all the outfit recommendations above.

It’s simple yet irresistibly charming, easy to put on, and comfortable — PLUS her pictures will turn out amazing.

2) “Worth the Wait” newborn outfit

If you’re thinking girly girl, you’ll love this one. It comes in four pieces so it’s not as simple as number one on the list but it’s still an easy outfit to maneuver. It includes leggings, a headband, a onesie, and a skirt.

3) “Hello World” newborn outfit

This has got to be the cutest one for girls I’ve found yet. It features a cute onesie and the most darling pair of pants and let’s not forget the bow. This is perfect for baby’s first outfit!

4) Elegant newborn swaddle

If you’re shooting for simple this is as simple as it gets. It’s a black swaddle with colorful flowers and a matching bow.

Upon reading reviews for this item, I was surprised to find that almost everyone who purchased it was pleased with it and it makes for some pretty amazing photos.

5) “Hi, I’m new here” newborn outfit.

Another outfit just right for your little princess’ first day here! It has a 5-star rating on Etsy with over 8,000 reviews from happy mommas! It comes with a hat, (personalized with your baby’s name) as well as a onesie and pants. As a plus, the material is soft and comfy.

Top 5 Cutest First Outfits for boys

It’s such a blessing to have a baby boy. They love their momma’s and are always there to uplift us when we are down. Here are 5 of the cutest outfits out there for your baby boys first day:

1) “New to the Crew” customizable newborn outfit

This outfit is absolutely adorable. It includes a hat, onesie, and pants and you can customize the hat and onesie with your son’s name which makes it even better for newborn pictures.

It’s also made from comfortable material and has close to 3,000 good reviews. (always check reviews before purchasing anything online!!)

2) “New Player in Town” newborn outfit

If you or daddy love basketball, this one is perfect for your son! The onesie is customizable – you can put his name after “new player in town”.

This outfit is an awesome one for photos, especially if he makes it big one day! He will look back and think, “momma knew I was something special before I was born!”

3) Customizable baby bear newborn outfit

If your little one is making his appearance this winter, you should consider this outfit.

Not only is it incredibly adorable, but it’s also colorful, creative, and warm; plus, it’s highly recommended by other mommas. It comes complete with a customizable onesie, pants, and two matching hats and mittens.

4) Mountains newborn photo outfit

Comfy and stylish perfectly describes this one. It’s a gown and hat set with soothing mountain patterns.

It is specially created for hospital photos and designed for comfort which is why it’s a great option.

5) Red and gray pantsuit newborn outfit

Completely photo-worthy! This suit will make the best one for photos, so if you plan to get professional photos done, it’ll work perfectly.

The outfit includes red pants and hat, a grey suspenders bodysuit, and a snap-on tie. It’s too cute!!

Top 5 Cutest Unisex Outfits

If you’re not sure yet what you’re having or you prefer a more neutral color and appearance, I have just the thing. Here are the 5 cutest unisex outfits on the net.

1) Gender-neutral coming home outfit

This adorable outfit comes with a onesie, little elephant pants, and both a headband (for a girl) and a hat (for a boy).

The creation of this outfit makes it a simple choice for mommas who can’t see the gender of their child (or choose not to). It allows them to still choose an outfit perfect for photos.

2) Religious gender-neutral newborn outfit

Whether you’re having a boy or girl, he/she’s sure to look amazing in this outfit! It features a quote “For This Child, We Have Prayed” which I’m sure most of us can relate to.

This outfit comes with pants, a onesie, hat/headband, and hand-mittens.

3) Newborn Baby Sleepy Striped Gown

Simple and comfortable, yet looks perfect in photos. This is a grey striped gown [tied at the bottom] that comes with a hat and headband.

This gown is easily taken on and off and is made from soft, comfortable cotton.

4) Gray and White Stripe theme “Hello World”

This 4-piece outfit is perfect for your baby’s first photos and it comes with both a headband and a hat so it works whether you’re having a boy or girl.

Your bundle of joy will be saying hello to the world in all of the photos from that memorable day!

5) Organic, gender-neutral newborn gown

Another great gender-neutral option for day 1 is this stunning gown and hat set. The color is neutral (cream) yet it still catches the eye.

Boys and girls alike will look awesome in this newborn gown and as a bonus, it’s handmade out of organic material!

Decision time!

Picking the perfect first outfit for your baby is hard but hopefully, this list made your choice a little easier.

If you found an outfit you love, let me know which one in the comments below. I’ll be happy to have another momma’s input!!

PS. Pin this article to help other mommas like you looking for the perfect first outfit for the big day.

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